Love by Wim Hof & Gavin Koolmon present Transmission

Wim Hof & Gavin Koolman unveiled their new long-term collaborative project Transmission with their anthemic single Love.

Love by Wim Hof & Gavin Koolmon present Transmission Photo by Trick

Transmission is the new collaborative project from wellness expert and master of mindfulness Wim Hof and multi-platinum selling producer Gavin Koolmon, founding member of The BRIT Awards-nominated group Disciples. Following Gavin's near-death experience, he trained with Hof, utilizing his ice and breathing techniques to find inner peace, marking the birth of their relationship and united vision.

Their collective mission is to create music that uses sounds and frequencies to shut off the thinking mind - infusing music and meditation to pave a gateway to healing. The aptly named "Love" is the debut single in a long-term collaboration from the all-new Transmission.

The anthemic "Love" features a stirring motivational speech from Hof backed by serene strings that send shivers down the spine before the drums arrive to take things to the next level - full of positivity and joy. It's a hypnotic house sound with plenty of rich synth details and will empower dance floors worldwide.

Wim Hof & Gavin Koolmon present Transmission - Love
Release Date November 2023
Label Trick

1. Love
2. Love (Extended Edit)

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