Marambaia/Uncle Silva by Leo Janeiro

South American scene mainstay Leo Janeiro steps up to Cocada Music with a pair of new singles to kick off the year in style.

Marambaia/Uncle Silva by Leo Janeiro Photo by Priscila Jammal

Leo Janeiro is the influential Brazilian who runs things behind the scenes with Get Physical Music's Latin America-focussed sub-label. Arguably one of the most outstanding DJs to emerge from Brazil’s close-knit electronic music scene, his taste and technical ability made him a much-loved Warung and D-Edge resident who has gone on to play around the world. He has released a number of superb singles on this label and now returns in brilliant fashion.

The track "Marambaia" kicks off with a hip-swinging disco-house groove. Retro-future drums and synths have classic vocals over the top as lush chords bring Latin soul. It's a timeless jam with lovely cosmic melodies and a feel-good vibe that will warm up any dance floor. While "Uncle Silva" is just as unique. It's another stylish and musical cut with loose percussion over fat bass. Acid twitches and big string samples add color and build the tension as this charismatic cut races onwards with a real sense of spirit and a spine-tingling vocal.

Leo Janeiro - Marambaia/Uncle Silva
Release Date 24h February 2023
Label Cocada Music

01. Marambaia
02. Uncle Silva

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