McLaren 765LT

Lighter, more powerful, and with even higher performance levels on both road and track, the McLaren 765LT is the latest in a line of Longtail McLarens from McLaren Automotive.

McLaren 765LT Photo by McLaren Automotive Limited

The 765LT opens a new chapter in the "Longtail" story that began with the McLaren F1 GTR race car in the 1990s and, since 2015, has seen road-legal LT models introduced. The new vehicle elevates to new levels the attributes that underpin every LT: driver engagement, track-focused dynamics, minimized weight, optimized aerodynamics, and increased power are all amplified - mainly the first two. The LT promise of being ‘limited to the few’ is also fulfilled, with just 765 individually numbered cars available globally for customer order.

Advanced carbon fiber technologies, bespoke carbon fiber LT body panels, and aerodynamic features are critical to an 80kg (DIN) weight reduction over the 720S. Together with the power of 765PS and torque of 800Nm from the 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine, transmission gearing optimized for scintillating in-gear acceleration and LT-specific suspension springs and dampers, this is the basis for the wholly immersive driving experience the new 765LT delivers.

McLaren 765LT

The highest levels of driver engagement
The dynamic ability and precision of the 765LT on both road and track are simply outstanding, taking circuit performance to new heights and making every road drive a joy. Driver satisfaction is guaranteed by extraordinary levels of engagement between driver and car, resulting in an absolute focus on delivering unparalleled feedback and connection.

The renowned McLaren Super Series chassis dynamics have been further enhanced in the 765LT to provide the communication and feel that allow a driver to exploit the car's extreme performance when appropriate fully but also enjoy it at lower speeds. The steering of the 765LT retains McLaren's distinguished electro-hydraulic assistance but has been further honed with a quicker ratio and a stiffer torsion bar for even purer driver feedback. The state-of-the-art, linked-hydraulic Proactive Chassis Control II suspension introduced with the 720S features updates to both software and hardware to meet the dynamic requirements of the 765LT; advances made during the development of the McLaren Senna and Speedtail have seen the suspension system algorithms revised to ensure even greater precision and control.

In comparison to the 720S, the front ride height is reduced by 5mm (the rear is unchanged), and the front track is 6mm wider, changes that together improve both grip and balance. New lightweight main springs feature additional helper springs to reduce unsprung mass and maintain load in the suspension on a full rebound, while using two springs saves weight compared to one more giant dual-rate spring. Roll stiffness is increased, further enhancing vehicle stability.

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