MICS presents DJ Festival lineup

The nightlife industry will be open from 2 p.m. till 9 p.m. during 3 days and 4 nights of parties until the early morning all around the Principality during Monaco International Clubbing Show.

MICS presents DJ Festival lineup Photo by MICS - Monaco International Clubbing Show

Renowned and new artists will be on the program of the second edition of the DJ Festival of MICS. In MICS CLUB, the ephemeral club specially created for this occasion, Sak Noel and his number 1 hit “Loca People” shares the party of the 9th November with Steve Aoki, producer and founder of the highly respected label DIM MAK RECORDS. Jean Roch, the king of VIP nights will honour us with an evening accompanied with his guest... on the 10th of November.

Joachim Garraud will be back to Monaco on the 11th of November along with Justin Berkman, the founder of the legendary London club “Ministry of Sound”. On November 12 – Michael Canitrot, the creator of Parisian parties “So Happy In Paris”, will close this long-awaited second edition.

23 other parties are planned in the partner clubs in the Principality: Brasserie, Black Legend, Jimmy’z, Ni Club, Zest, Before, Zelos. For 4 nights the Principality will dance to the rhythm of DJs for 9p.m. till 5a.m.

Mics Club: Steve Aoki Warm Up Sak Noel
Before: DJ Moussa

Mics Club: Jean Roch & Friends
Brasserie: RLP & Quentin Mosimann
Jimmyz: Dj Carmine Sorrentino
Ni Club: Latin Vibes By Hamidine
Zelos: Solly Smith
Black Legend: Monte Carlo Show Dance
Zest: Love Boat International Party
Before: DJ La Luna
Buddha Bar: DJ Ravin

Mics Club: Joachim Garraud Warm Up Justin Berkmann
Brasserie: DJ Sub Zero
Jimmyz: Nicolas Fasano & Steve Forest
Ni Club: Ni Made In By Dj Goldfinger
Zelos: La Cage Aux Folles
Black Legend: Guena LG Official DJ Lady Gaga
Zest: Bart Van Rijn
Before: DJ Saad & Yan-One

Mics Club: Michael Canitrot Warm Up DJ Reda
Brasserie: Sebastien Drums
Jimmyz: Cadenza Showcase Mendo & Mirko Loko
Ni Club: Ni Made In By DJ Olivier Leust & Mc Oshot
Zelos: Solly Smith
Black Legend: Official Party La Voile Rouge St Tropez By Kris Corleone
Zest: Electic Radio Party
Before: DJ Saad & Yan-One

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