Midnight to Midtown by Heritage Listed

Midnight to Midtown is an EP filled with classic house music with a modern flair and it is a very good outing from Heritage Listed.

Midnight to Midtown by Heritage Listed Photo by Heritage Listed/Basics Recordings

Hailing from Sydney and freshly relocated to Europe, Heritage Listed is a house producer you won’t want to miss. Making waves with funky, disco-infused house releases such as Airport Jazz and Cookies and Cream, and equally high-energy DJ mixes for his various radio shows and venues in Australia and Europe, Heritage Listed is a name to look out for. He has generated hundreds of thousands of streams across Spotify, with a new single Freak Control having just come out with renowned Sydney singer CINTA on Basics Recording.

This new house label focused on everything soulful and founded hand in hand with Le Hutin, in what looks to be an exciting new direction for the producer. Midnight to Midtown is an EP written during a year of almost constant travel, coming out as a 3 track collection of funk, disco, and jazz mixed with house grooves for the dancefloor.

With the disco house track Freak Control featuring Sydney singer CINTA emerging as the single, and Midnight to Midtown and Balustrade both serving as jazz house numbers, Midnight to Midtown is a house EP that will keep you moving.

Heritage Listed - Midnight to Midtown
Release Date January 2024
Label Basics Recordings

01. Balustrade
02. Freak Control feat CINTA
03. Midnight to Midtown

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