Nobody by Renew

Jerry Joxx becomes house artist RENEW in his Adesso Music debut Nobody.

Nobody by Renew Art by Adesso Music

Joao Nunes dons his RENEW alias, having racked up a slew of big room-bothering releases for the likes of Revealed, Black Hole, and Affinity Records. He emerges from the traps with a more tech-house-driven sound, landing first on Junior Jack's Adesso Music.

Robust drums take the helm in "Nobody" with a throbbing bassline looping you in underneath hypnotizing melodic lines. Swelling pads and stabs build tension to the drop, with the hooky female vocal at the fore to round out a moody club cut.

RENEW - Nobody
Release Date 5th May 2023
Label Adesso Music

1. Nobody (Edit)
2. Nobody (Extended)

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.