Rollers by Eats Everything

Desolat brings the fun with a huge new EP from the brilliant Eats Everything. The Bristolian is one of house and techno's biggest DJs.

Rollers by Eats Everything Photo by Dan Reid Photography

He plays to giant crowds at every major club and festival worldwide, has hosted on Radio1, runs his own record labels EI8HT & Edible, held a Watergate residency recently, as well as a current residency at Resistance in Ibiza simply, cementing how he couldn’t be more influential in the main room arena.

"I was literally fucking about when I happened upon all the mad noises that are in Lickal Rolla", explains Eats Everything, who knew immediately it was a tune that would fit on Loco Dice’s label. "It’s really nice when you make something that a label you really respect is into, because it then gives you creative impetus to create more. I don’t make tracks for any label specifically, I just make music and how it turns out is how it turns out."

And it has turned out superbly in this case: opener "Lickal Rolla" has a chunky, funky drum line that rolls and rolls beneath woodpecker hits, whooshing synths and bristling pads. This is a proper old school breakbeat rave track that manages to channel the energy and feel of that era without relying on old ideas and sounds and is certain to set the club alight.

The excellent "LLR" is just as inventive and off balance, with filtered vocals, rising synth lines and in built tension all feeling explosive throughout.  After a huge breakdown, the track drops again and races along a crisp boom bap groove that is pure Desolat.

Last of all, "Smartypants" is a raw, energetic rave cut with mad acid lines, unhinged synths and heavyweight drums that have a real sense of swing. It’s high impact club music with robust design.

These are three massive tracks that really portray the giant personality of the man behind them.

Eats Everything - Rollers
Release Date
August 2019
Label Desolat

1. Lickal Rolla
2. LLR
3. Smartypants

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