Pilot EP by Yves Tomas

Exciting new producer Yves Tomas releases on Rekids the Pilot EP - a bold and versatile debut release exhibiting the artist's broad range of influences.

Pilot EP by Yves Tomas Photo by Transport for London

Hailing from London but with roots in Bristol, Yves Tomas is a producer, vocalist and DJ brought up in the center of UK club music. Since experimenting with music through his childhood and early teens he's gone on to become an engineer, working in studios alongside some of the biggest names in grime and pop music. This has led to him developing his own unique style of electronic music as a reactionary expression to working in the meat grinder culture of mainstream music. He now joins Radio Slave's Rekids - a label known and respected for discovering many luminary figures in electronic music.

With its otherworldly melody and echoing effects, "Braindead" is a downtempo track that remains beatless until the halfway mark, moving onto the beautifully arranged "MA1" with its reverb-drenched breaks, quivering synths, and ever-evolving chopped and looped vocals. "River" then incorporates elements of grime and jungle courtesy of its lively stabs, soulful chords, and compelling rhythm built on punchy percussion. Taking things into a spiritual direction, "Elephant & Snake" meanders forward using syncopated drums, washy chants, and elevating organ keys before "Callout FM" follows with its rattling snares, twisted arpeggios, and crystalline pads.

Nearing the end, "Pilot" is a stripped-back affair with sporadic kicks, a fuzzy bassline, and vocoder vocals until digital bonus track "Birds Of The Barbican" ties everything together by generating an uplifting atmosphere destined to elevate revelers for many years to come.

Yves Tomas - Pilot EP
Release Date May 2020
Label Rekids

A1. Brain Dead
A2. MA1
A3. River
B1. Elephant & Snake
B2. Callout FM
B3. Pilot
Digi. Birds Of The Barbican

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