Reclaim Your City presents Heimat II

Reclaim Your City unveils its second compilation, Heimat II, featuring Arkan, Decka, Yant & Hitam.

Reclaim Your City presents Heimat II Art by Reclaim Your City

April 2023 saw Dutch techno powerhouse Reclaim Your City debut its "Heimat" compilation featuring Marcal, Nicolas Volger, Hurdslenk, and Ruben Ganev. Now, the label returns with the second installment of a new series of compilations with "Heimat II," welcoming Arkan, Decka, Yant, and Hitam for the first time.

Zeitgeisty by nature, the approach chosen for these VAs is to document state-of-the-art productions from lesser-known and emerging figures whose skills and talent we firmly believe in. An extension of our creed that techno is there to push boundaries and not reiterate the same bland assertions over and over, ad nauseam, “Heimat” shall form a shelter for top-of-the-range material and that exclusively, regardless of the producer's fame, level of fashionability and/or market-friendliness.
Reclaim Your City

Hypnotic techno mastermind Arkan is up first with the haze-like "Submarine," in which cavernous sonar pings echo through vast aquatic depths, the track's steady rhythm propelling forward. "Circumvent" by SPE:C's Decka is next, this time with a slower groove juxtaposed with fast-paced, liquid-like acid bubbling through its tough drum work.

On the B-side, the deservedly hyped Yant presents "Moving." It's machine funk of the highest order with elements rooted in dub, sequences dancing playfully on top of an intricate groove before Eerste Communie resident Hitam takes the reins with "Venusian Wind." Glitching drums carve their way through monstrous droning low-end, its rolling soundscape creating a perfect, enthralling finish to another quality compilation from the RYC crew.

Various Artists - Heimat II
Release Date 19th February 2024
Label Reclaim Your City

A1. Arkan - Submarine
A2. Decka - Circumvent
B1. Yant - Moving
B2. Hitam - Venusian Wind

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