Silent by Pytko

Pytko returns to Phantasy Sound this month with the release, Silent, which also includes a remix from Bullion.

Silent by Pytko Photo by Phantasy Sound

Following her 2021 debut, "Save My Day", remixed by DJ Python, PYTKO returns to Phantasy with "Silent", experimental, and introspective electronic songwriting this time radically reworked by beloved pop-experimentalist, Bullion.

On "Silent", PYTKO invites listeners to lean in closer than before. Seemingly untangling the frustrations of a faltering love affair, its vulnerable lyrics arrive buried beneath a sophisticated arrangement that, with bit-crushed electronics and rumbling bass notes, seems to decay with haunting effect. In contrast, the austere "Orchids & Limes" mines an equally original sound, a striking sort of cyber-balearica sculpted around PYTKO's intricate guitar work, conjuring an even darker sense of romance.

In radical contrast, Bullion proves a perfect fold to PYTKO's vision with his positively high-spirited flip of "Silent". The man behind DEEK Recordings and cult hits such as Blue Pedro keeps PYTKO's perspective front-and-center while performing alchemy of magic and melancholy that results in one of the most memorable remixes in Phantasy's fifteen-year history.

PYTKO - Silent
Release Date April 2022
Label Phantasy Sound

01. Silent
02. Silent (Bullion Remix)
03. Orchids And Limes

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