Sternentreiben by Claudio Ricci

Stripped Down co-founder Claudio Ricci makes a welcome return to his own label with a fresh new single that comes alongside carefully chosen remixes from Patrice Baumel and Dodi Palese.

Sternentreiben by Claudio Ricci Photo by Stripped Down Records

Ricci has been shaping the underground scene in Europe for 20 years now, as a DJ, label owner, and producer with credits on the likes of Compost, Connected Frontline, and MoBlack. His weekly show on Ibiza Global Radio is a go-to for lovers of timeless house and techno and naturally, he has gigged all over his native Ibiza's finest spots as well as around Europe.

His excellent new track "Sternentreiben" is a busy techno journey with electro bass, slapping hits, and darkwave vocals all making for an alluring sound world. It's a place of reflective melody and plenty of thoughtful synths, but with an irresistible groove.

Famous former Trouw resident Patrice Baumel has an elegant and emotive sound that can be warm and pensive or more peak time and energetic, as he has proven on his Global Underground mix and with releases on labels like Afterlife and Watergate. Here he flips the original into an electrifying techno roller with bright synths lighting up the skies in cosmic fashion.

Next to remix is Dodi Palese, who grew up DJing many different styles in his native Southern Italy, runs his own labels What Ever Not, Engrave Ltd and Rakale and has recently released on the like of Innervisions and Exit Strategy. First comes his fantastic Power Beats mix, a classy melodic techno track with plenty of astral synths and dancing drums that ooze futuristic soul. His second superb offering is even more direct, with trance-inducing chords bringing plenty of hands in the air energy. 

Claudio Ricci - Sternentreiben
Release Date August 2020
Label Stripped Down Records

01. Sternentreiben
02. Sternentreiben (Patrice Baumel Remix)
03. Sternentreiben (Dodi Palese Power Beats Mix)
04. Sternentreiben (Dodi Palese Remix)

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