Stop by Pezzner

Decay Records revisits an earlier release in the catalog, Pezzner's Stop with remixes from Alex Arnout, Frank Storm and more.

Stop by Pezzner Photo by Decay Records

Alex Arnout’s remix leads with robust drums, wandering square wave bass hits, shuffled hats, and hypnotic resonant synth licks before Frank Storm employs murky low-end tones, stripped-back percussion, and dubby stab sequences to create a reduced and refined take on the original.

James Organ interpretation follows, taking a more groove-driven approach with a classic 909 drum workout, expansive atmospheric bursts, and driving acid-tinged bass. Lawre then opts for a more minimalistic feel with fluttering chords, swinging drums, and ethereal pads billowing in the depths of the composition.

Babayaga goes for a rounded sub-bass groove to drive things next whilst rolling organic percussion, glitched-out metallic chimes, and airy vocal swells ebb and flow within. Ingrid B then closes the package with spiraling resonant synths, elongated bass tones, heady arps, and crunchy drums.

Pezzner - Stop
Release Date
August 2018
Label Decay Records

1. Stop (Alex Arnout Remix)
2. Stop (Frank Storm Remix)
3. Stop (James Organ Remix)
4. Stop (Lawre Remix)
5. Stop (Babayaga Remix)
6. Stop (Ingrid B Remix)

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