Stop The World (Remixes) by Mindosy

Mindosy releases a remix package of the melodic breakbeat track Stop The World, featuring Cport Cistema, Alis, Five Step Path, and Maker + Meyer.

Stop The World (Remixes) by Mindosy Photo by Nieko Records

Hypnotic gated vocals and lush melodics weave through swung, organic breakbeats in Mindosy's debut single "Stop The World." Initially self-released last year, it is now getting reissued via Nieko Records, with the artist recruiting a diverse roster of talent to remix the track, culminating into an eclectic and emotive package built for club, radio, and at-home listening.

Each remix offers a fresh take on the original, from Cport Cistema's energetic jungle-infused roller to Alis' deep pulsating trip, with Five Step Path providing an epic acid breakbeat rendition and the last track featuring a vibrant and funky dreamscape from Maker + Meyer.

The label Nieko Records was founded in 2021 by Rob Meyer and Mark Harold. So far, the label has released artists such as Richard Zalai, Cport Cistema, and Auren, touching on chilled-out ambient through to dancefloor-oriented bass music.

Mindosy - Stop The World (Remixes)
Release Date June 2023
Label Nieko Records

01. Stop the World
02. Stop the World (Cport Cistema Remix)
03. Stop the World (Alis Remix)
04. Stop the World (Five Step Path Remix)
05. Stop the World (Maker + Meyer Remix)
06. Stop the World (Original Extended Mix)

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