Stupid Music for Sophisticated People by Piotr Figiel

An interesting EP filled with some great concepts and sounds all to provoke a reaction in some way, shape, or form from the listener.

Stupid Music for Sophisticated People by Piotr Figiel Art by Piotr Figiel/RWETES

Do you even sophisticate bro? You wear them, techno black clothes? Do you appreciate only true underground experience on the best sound systems?

So get ready for your brain folds to be a little bit flattened and your small brain thinking thingies killed? This is the stupidest techno one can imagine, stupid melodies, stupid sounds, stupid arrangements, stupid, stupid, stupid!! and it’s gonna do the job!

Beware this was especially made just to irritate your sophisticated taste, delicate ears, and an open mind. The artists and any associated parties are not responsible for the severe damage caused by this music. If needed consult the specialist.

Piotr Figiel - music producer, live-act performer, and DJ from Krakow, Poland. Formerly known for DCM and Peter Feegle projects, since 2014 Piotr has performed under his name, focusing his work mostly on techno, IDM, and hardware-based live acts. His music has always been an eclectic mixture of different influences, original sound design, and great sound.

Piotr’s work has been released on many Polish and international labels, among many DJ and live act club gigs, Piotr also performed at Street Art Festival, Ars Cameralis Festival, Tauron Nowa Muzyka and was honored to play on the legendary Instytut festival in Warsaw back in 2017. Piotr has been hosting the "Essentia Electronica" radio show at Off Radio Krakow station from 2015 to 2021.

The show became one of the most important promotion hubs for the local electronic music scene, artists, collectives, and clubs in Krakow. Piotr also works as a producer, mixing, and mastering engineer, helping many artists to achieve the dream sound of their records.

Piotr Figiel - Stupid Music for Sophisticated People
Release Date 2nd February 2024

01. Piotr Figiel - Happy music as a source of consternation for clubbers wearing only black clothes
02. Piotr Figiel - Sophisticated people
03. Piotr Figiel - Not so sophisticated music
04. Piotr Figiel - Stupid music listening to sophisticated people
05. Piotr Figiel - Just stupid people (Bonus Bandcamp Track)

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