Summer Jams 2020 by Repopulate Stars

Repopulate Mars' annual Summer Jams compilation returns for 2020 with fresh cuts from the likes of Yolanda Be Cool, Tough Love, and Chris Larsen.

Summer Jams 2020 by Repopulate Stars Photo by Repopulate Mars

Lee Foss' imprint delivers 12 tracks from existing label artists like John Summit and Chris Larsen while welcoming the likes of Kristi Yang, Bedran, Rone White, and ODCEE. As always with Repopulate Mars, bumping peak time house is the order of the day and the package provides enough ammunition for a summer's worth of dancing.

From the maximal, bass-heavy, and rave-infused opener, "In Your Arms", from Australian duo, Yolanda Be Cool to the slick, paired-back roller "Now You Know" from Miami's DOONS, each track here has earned its place. Vocals, hooks, and melodies are as prevalent on Summer Jams as rock-solid grooves, too. London's Tough Love, John Summit & Dead Space, Andre Salmon & Eurostep, Kristi Yang, and Alvaro Smart all provide anthemic and all-to-rare vocal-heavy tracks that leap out of the speakers while relative newcomers BEDRAN and Rone White & Rowen Clark both toy with spoken vocal samples to great effect. The heavier cuts on Summer Jams, like Piem's thundering "Absolutely" and ODCEE's "Fila" provide trickier vibes for heads-down moments but, as usual for Repopulate Mars, do so without sacrificing any identity.

Repopulate Mars has been continually redefining what peak time house is since its inception in 2016 and its Summer Jams release for 2020 neatly encapsulates what the label is all about.

Repopulate Stars - Summer Jams
Release Date July 2020
Label Repopulate Mars

01. Yolanda Be Cool - In Your Arms
02. John Summit & Dead Space - Dreams
03. Tough Love - We Can Get Close
04. BEDRAN. - Cash on the Hips
05. Rone White & Rowen Clark - The Whistle
06. Andre Salmon & Eurostep - The Kids Are Playing Around Me
07. Kristi Yang - Touch Me With Your Mind feat. Ms.Chin
08. Chris Larsen - F U N K
09. Piem - Absolutely
10. Alvaro Smart - Game Rules
12. DOONS - Now You Know

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