Sunriser by Torb

bORDEL Records backed up a promise to the late great Torb, aka Julien Naudin, to release his Sunriser track whenever it felt best.

Sunriser by Torb Photo by bORDEL Records

Parisian Torb passed away in July 2020 after a distinguished career as a producer, engineer, and assistant to Philipp Zdar. He worked on many seminal records with Cassius, Phoenix, and Chromeo, so was a core part of the famous French touch sound. Mixing up raw kraut rock with soulful Detroit on his array of analog machines, he had a signature sound that still impresses today.

The track "Sunriser" is a long journey into deep space with a warming sunrise vibe. The emotional way has a heart of darkness but a lush synth craft that brings hope. It is widescreen and dramatic and makes a truly lasting impression.

Three remixers then pay tribute to Torb, starting with Parisian Blaacon, who smooths things out into a slick electro-tinged cut with smeared pads and a constant sense of trance-tinged suspense and melodic beauty. Then comes long-time friend and Italian pioneer Francesco Farfa with gorgeous deep techno cut tinged with Motor City synth warmth and optimism. Last, Parisian Don Turi offers a mix that will sweep the dance floor up on waves of pixelated synths and dynamic drums that power through the stars.

Torb - Sunriser
Release Date 7th July 2023
Label bORDEL Records

01. Sunriser
02. Sunriser (Blaacon Remix)
03. Sunriser (Francesco Farfa Remix)
04. Sunriser (Don Turi Remix)

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