The New Audi RS 6 Avant GT

Only 660 units worldwide and heritage decals based on the Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO guarantee exclusivity.

The New Audi RS 6 Avant GT Photo by Audi AG

The new Audi RS 6 Avant GT is the pinnacle of the model series. The special edition is packed with exclusive details for both the exterior and the interior. An impressive pass-through roof edge spoiler redefined diffuser, and 22-inch wheels in a distinctive design underscore its top position in the model series. The interior features high-quality bucket seats, a fresh color combination, and individual numbering in the center console as exclusive accents. Lightweight adjustable coilover suspension unique to the RS 6 Avant GT and a reworked quattro sport differential on the rear axle sharpen the driving experience. The twin-turbocharged eight-cylinder engine in a V-layout has an output of 463 kW (630 PS) and delivers 850 Nm of torque from 2,300 to 4,500 rpm. Delivery of the Audi RS 6 Avant GT will begin in the second quarter 2024, the price starts at 219,585 euro.

The idea of the Audi RS 6 Avant GT goes back to the apprentice project RS 6 GTO concept from 2020. Twelve apprentices learning to work as bodywork and vehicle construction mechanics, automotive mechanics, automotive painters, and tooling mechanics worked on the project for six months with the support of Audi Design. They took most of their inspiration from the legendary Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO race car from 1989. The result shows the range of ways young talents can contribute to the company, even during their apprenticeship.

The New Audi RS 6 Avant GT

An unparalleled appearance
The new Audi RS 6 Avant GT stands out from other models in its range, the RS 6 Avant and the RS 6 Avant performance version, thanks to its even more impressive appearance based on the RS 6 GTO concept. The RS 6 GTO concept inspires the striking front end.

The Singleframe and the air intakes are finished entirely in high-gloss black, which makes the car appear even lower and wider. Vertical blades in the front apron, a new intake grille, and a powerful front splitter integrated into the bumper enhance the sharpened look. For the first time, Audi Sport GmbH is not only using a fully redesigned hood but is also manufacturing it from carbon fiber. The one-of-a-kind finish makes the redesigned hood's carbon material a real eye-catcher, and the color of the body impressively frames it. Integrated air outlets behind the large 22-inch wheels reduce air pressure in the wheel arch and improve brake cooling. Like the hood, the fenders housing the large wheels are made entirely of carbon fiber for the first time - a highlight on the vehicle itself as well as for Audi Production.

Inserts in the side skirts define the side profile, the exterior mirror is covered in glossy carbon, and the 22-inch wheels in the 6-spoke design are made exclusively for the RS 6 Avant GT. At the rear, the special edition impresses with black "RS 6 GT" lettering, a tailgate specially adapted to the design with a visually lowered loading edge, a functional diffuser with a vertically centered reflector that makes the car appear even wider, and a distinctive double wing inspired by motorsport. The latter was taken almost 1:1 from the apprentices' concept car. For the first time in the history of the RS 6 Avant, the roof rails have been removed for an even flatter, sportier silhouette.

The new stunning Audi RS 6 Avant GT

For the RS 6 Avant GT, customers can choose exclusive decals in two colors. The first, in conjunction with an Arkona White finish, combines the traditional colors of Audi Sport: black, gray, and red. The model badges at the front and rear also come in these colors. If this color combination is chosen, the wheels in the distinctive design always come in high-gloss white. Alternatively, the decals in black and gray tones come with the exterior color Nardo grey or Mythos black. Audi Sport GmbH offers high-sheen wheels in high-gloss black or matte black to match. The four rings in the Singleframe, the tailgate, and the model lettering are black as standard. The following finishes are available for the exterior: Arkona White, Nardo Gray, Chronos Gray Metallic, Madeira Brown Metallic, and Mythos Black Metallic.

The RS 6 Avant GT rolls off the production line with the RS design package plus as standard. The black interior is enhanced by numerous accents in the exclusive color combination of red and copper, for example the stitching on the steering wheel, the sides of the center console, the center armrest and door armrests and the floor mats with "RS 6 GT" lettering. The new RS bucket seats in a leather-Dinamica combination, and the "RS 6 GT" lettering right below the headrests also features this color scheme. The honeycomb stitching in the center of the seat shimmers in Express Red, while that on the outer seam of the bucket seat is finished in copper.

The armrests, dashboard, center console, sides, and door waist rails are upholstered in Dinamica black microfiber. At the same time, the decorative inlays are covered in Dinamica deep black microfiber. The decorative inlays are also available in an open-pore carbon twill structure as an option. The seat belts catch the eye with their full crimson-red color. As a special highlight, the center console features the car's serial number in the limited run of 660 models.

A trio of amazing cars

Next-level performance
The new RS 6 Avant GT has a power output of 463 kW (630 PS) and a maximum torque figure of 850 Nm. That is an increase of 22 kW (30 PS) and 50 Nm compared with the RS 6 Avant base model. The spearhead of the series sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.3 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than the RS 6 Avant. The RS 6 Avant GT accelerates to 200 km/h from a standstill in just 11.5 seconds, 0.5 seconds faster than the RS 6 Avant. The standard top speed is 305 km/h (190 mph), and negative acceleration is handled by the standard RS ceramic brake system.

The power of the 4.0 TFSI is applied to the permanent all-wheel drive quattro via the standard eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox with optimized shift times. Like the RS 6 Avant performance, the RS 6 Avant GT uses the latest version of the locking center differential. Remarkably light and compact, it distributes engine power to the front and rear axle at ratio of 40:60. If slippage occurs, more drive torque is automatically applied to the axle with better traction - up to 70 percent can flow to the front axle and up to 85 percent to the rear axle. The reworked center differential improves driving dynamics, ensures noticeably more precise cornering, and makes for less understeer at the limit.

The quattro sport differential on the rear axle has been specially tuned for the RS 6 Avant GT further to distinguish the special edition from other RS models. The new parameters focus on greater agility and rear bias in “dynamic” driving mode. Customers benefit from sporty, neutral, and highly precise handling. For the first time, and only for the RS 6 Avant GT, adjustable coilover suspension comes as standard. It lowers the ride height by ten millimeters compared to the RS 6 Avant and offers a perfect combination of dynamics and comfort. A higher spring rate, triple-adjustable dampers, and stiffer stabilizers (30 percent stiffer at the front and 80 percent at the rear) ensure less body roll, which once again significantly increases the fun factor. The necessary tools and instructions for making individual adjustments are also on board. Customers can alternatively order the RS sport suspension plus Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) or the RS adaptive air suspension.

The new high-performance Continental "Sport Contact 7" 285/30 R22 tires ensure the necessary grip for dynamic driving. The tires offer consistently better road holding under both dry and wet conditions and reduce understeer when cornering at speed, making for overall more precise handling across the entire speed range. Additionally, the braking distance is up to two meters shorter with the new tires when braking from 100 to 0 km/h (62 mph to 0 mph).

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