The Return Of Mykee Jacksee EP by Andre Salmon

Andre Salmon return to Leftroom Ltd with a four track EP entitled The Return Of Mykee Jacksee, featuring a remix from Alex Arnout.

The Return Of Mykee Jacksee EP by Andre Salmon Photo by Leftroom Records

Ecuadorian Andre Salmon keeps a busy and varied schedule which includes writing music, mixing and sound engineering, he also runs three records labels, Maniacs, Anima Somnis and Ouch! Painful, and performs both in live bands and as a DJ. 2016 saw Salmon perform for Boiler Room in Ecuador and release on a myriad of mainstay labels including Get Physical and Akbal music.

Up first is "The Return Of Mykee Jacksee" which uses the title derived sample to build tension before a funk-inspired rhythm and spacious panning atmospherics take hold, subtly delving deeper throughout the composition. Next up, the "Dub Mix" of "The Return Of Mykee Jacksee" embraces a stripped back aesthetic, focusing on the natural groove and infectious atmospherics of the track.  

"The 93 feat. Mr. Bud" brings deep crisp kicks and dub-tinged chords laced with hypnotic vocals. The UK based producer Alex Arnout’s remixes "The 93 feat Mr. Bud" to close the package via crafty manipulations of the original samples and chords infused with flurries of claps, thrashing hats to create a raw drum machine driven workout accompanied by a warm meandering bass line.

Andre Salmon - The Return Of Mykee Jacksee EP
Release Date 17th March 2017
Label Leftroom Records

1. The Return Of Mykee Jacksee
2. The Return Of Mykee Jacksee (Dub Mix)
3. The 93 feat. Mr. Bud
4. The 93 feat. Mr. Bud (Alex Arnout Remix)

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