Perversions Of Loss by Common Factors

Life Scripts welcomes back head honcho Alexander Church and James Welsh as Common Factors, as the pair deliver their second EP, Perversions Of Loss.

Perversions Of Loss by Common Factors Art by Life Scripts

The title cut "Perversions Of Loss" is a shimmering slice of entrancing electronica, delving deep with a medley of playful strings, breaks, and distorted low-end frequencies. "Inference" focuses on warped basslines, swirling synths, and floating melodies all sitting upon a rolling break. Next up, "Existential Truths" offers five and a half minutes of jungle-influenced nostalgia, as we see Church and Welsh enlist off-kilter drums alongside trippy effects and oscillating synths. To close, "Escape Hatch" is a raw and wonky techno track that perfectly marries the elements of light and dark. This latest EP highlights why Common Factors have been picking up love from the likes of Tom Ravenscroft on BBC6 Music, Ransom Note, and a raft of top DJs.

Common Factors is a recently launched project from Bradford-based DJ and producer Alexander Church, alongside James Welsh. Church is label boss at Configurations of Self and produces music that takes deep inspiration from the human condition. James Welsh is a multi-faceted artist and former post-punk band member who releases via leading labels including Futureboogie and Phantasy Sound, whilst frequently collaborating with Church on this and other projects.

Common Factors - Perversions Of Loss
Release Date April 2021
Label Life Scripts

01. Perversions Of Loss
02. Inference
03. Existential Truths
04. Escape Hatch

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