The Scarlet by Taster Peter

The Extravaganza imprint offers up The Scarlet from Italian DJ, producer, and label-founder Taster Peter, backed up with a remix from Drumcode's very own Sasha Carassi.

The Scarlet by Taster Peter Photo by Extravaganza

Taster Peter launched his Extragranza in January of 2014 and although in its early stages the imprint has released an impressive eighteen released with the likes of Quell, SIS, Tim Green, Joel Mull and Luna City Express featured in the back catalogue. Here see the label founded return to his imprint following the release of ‘Oculus’ in May of last year, plus further material on Adam Beyer’s Truesoul, Traum and Serkal.

The original mix of title track ‘The Scarlet’ opens things up here and sees the Italian producer deliver a robust slice of Techno, fuelled by weighty rhythms and vacillating percussion, while instilling an underlying hypnotism and softer touch via soaring ambient pad lines and intertwining leads.

On the flip Drumcode artist Sasha Carassi reworks ‘The Scarlet’ adding a darker edge to things the Neapolitan producer strips back the rhythmic aspects to a raw state while bringing drawn out sub bass drones, subtly filtering snippets of the lead and atmospheric swirling into the limelight.

Taster Peter - The Scarlet
Release Date 12th October 2015
Label Extravaganza

1. The Scarlet
2. The Scarlet (Sasha Carassi Remix)

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