The Skin Of The Snake EP by Zisko

Argentinian artist Zisko brings his darkly seductive techno to Mind Medizin on The Skin Of The Snake EP.

The Skin Of The Snake EP by Zisko Photo by Mind Medizin

Zisko is at the heart of the new generation of artists driving techno forward. His stripped-back but potent sound has had support from influential stars like DVS1, Luke Slater, and Chris Liebing, and he has played in every major techno club from Berghain to Amsterdam's Radion, as well as across his native South America. Following releases on tastemaking labels such as UNCAGE and Mutual Rytm, he now makes his mark on the powerhouse label that is Mind Medizin.

The Skin of The Snake is based on the profound & mysterious meaning of life, expressing the Art of Submission and the deepest desires that humankind has surrendered since the dawn of time. Followed by Rhythm & Seduction, these sonic experiments try to represent the dualistic synergy between the Masculine & the Feminine. The Fruit of Life & The Sacred Knowledge. The Yin & The Yang."

The title track opens up the EP with a quick and nimble techno rhythm that's underpinned by heavy kickdrums. Tiny sonic details scuttle throughout the mix next to haunting background pads and flourishes of melody that bring a hint of South American flair to the physical drums. The fantastic "Rhythm & Seduction" then sets out to melt minds with a nod to the tangled and pulsating synths of Jeff Mills. It's an unrelenting mental maze of drums, bass, and melody that will warp space and time when dropped in a darkened club.

Ø [Phase] is the perfect artist to remix, given his rich history of serving up prototypical, stripped-back sounds for over two decades on Token, Modwerks, and many more. His remix is a supple jumble of tribal percussion, and thudding kicks run through with molten synths. It's quick, intense, and serves as a shadowy portal to an alternate dimension.

Zisko - The Skin Of The Snake EP
Release Date March 2024
Label Mind Medizin

01. The Skin Of The Snake
02. Rhythm & Seduction
03. Rhythm & Seduction (Ø [Phase] Remix)

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