Third Quadrant EP by Linear System

Ilario Alicante's Virgo imprint returns with another forward-thinking EP, this time from surging talent Linear System.

Third Quadrant EP by Linear System Art by Virgo

A project launched in the North of Spain, Linear System has already been released on esteemed labels like Ben Sims' Symbolism, Edit Select, Blank Code, and Dynamic Reflection. He only debuted in 2020 but has already turned the heads of those who know him with his sci-fi ambiance and potent basslines, with the likes of Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Oscar Mulero, and Rødhad all supporting his music. Up next, he makes his debut appearance on Ilario Alicante's label Virgo with his "Third Quadrant EP," again showcasing precisely why he is a growing name in the modern techno landscape.

The opener, "Precession," is a perfectly stripped-back mix of mind-melting synths that loop in warped fashion over the straight-up beats at the track's core. It's a hypnotic and futuristic mix that grows ever heavier with raw claps and thudding kicks. "Ecliptic" is another one from the Detroit school of techno minimalism. The synths, drums, and bass all race ahead, perfectly interweaving as the tension rises and cosmic energy pervades the urgent rhythms. Lastly, "Spica" pairs heavier drum funk with edgy synths that will rattle around any space it's played in. It's moody and unsettling but makes for a compelling dance floor workout to close the show with authority.

Linear System - Third Quadrant EP
Release Date December 2023
Label Virgo

1. Precession
2. Ecliptic
3. Spica

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.