Twelve LP by +plattform

Norwegian techno producer +plattform returns to PLOINK yet again, but this time with his first full-length album entitled Twelve.

Twelve LP by +plattform Photo by Ploink

Having cemented itself as one of Norway’s leading Techno event series for over 20 years, PLOINK launched as a label in 2014 and has since hosted releases by Scandinavian talents such as Prins Thomas, Skatebård, Christian Tilt, Kahuun, Nordenstam and Dortmund.

However, PLOINK’s 2017 is shaping up to be its most pivotal year as a label, with label boss Thomas Urv kick-starting proceedings with his ‘O Sweet Exorcism’ album before Mental Overdrive - the Godfather of Norwegian techno - followed up with a live jam themed album titled ‘Hardware’. Alongside PLOINK, +plattform has released innovative techno on labels such as Krill Music and his own label Gråtone. His album will be released on two individual 12” vinyl named One and Two, printed in neon green and black, with a third vinyl named Three set for release on limited vinyl later this year.

From start to finish ‘Twelve’ is a twisted journey through esoteric techno and exemplary of +plattform’s distinct musical aesthetic. Tracks like ‘Kerala’, ‘Wrak’ and ‘Nylon’ exhibit deep atmospheres as tantalising synths work their magic. ‘Brok’, ‘Reck’ and ‘Ombre’ are more driving by nature, featuring powerful percussion and sinister effects. Other tracks, such as ‘Dillan’, are mesmerising cacophonies of raw elements combined to devastating effect, whereas ‘Morne’ incorporates sweeping pads and syncopated drums for spellbinding results.

+plattform - Twelve LP
Release Date
2nd June 2017
Label Ploink

1. Front
2. Kerala
3. Dillan
4. Wrak
5. Storn
6. Reck
7. Ombre
8. Morne
9. Khartoum
10. Brok
11. Nylon *
12. Flite *

* to be released on limited vinyl with remixes later on in the year.

Mathias Haegglund Code Collector, Globetrotter, and Occasional Gamer.