What You've Been Told / Ego Rap by Dateless

Dateless returns to VIVa MUSiC as he delivers his latest two-tracker What You’ve Been Told / Ego Rap, accompanied by a remix from Rich NxT.

What You've Been Told / Ego Rap by Dateless Photo by VIVa MUSiC

An emerging name within the US electronic music scene and beyond, West Coast DJ and producer Dateless continues to grow his reputation as a rising talent to watch, dropping music via leading imprints including Hot Creations, Hottrax, Solid Grooves and Snatch! to name just a few.

Having last touched down on the label in July to deliver his "Lady Make Me See / Instajam" EP, the LA-based talent now returns to VIVa MUSiC as he delivers two fresh cuts in the form of "What You've Been Told / Ego Rap", with FUSE favorite Rich NxT also on board to remix the lead production.

Opening cut "What You've Been Told" welcomes a playful, groove-heavy production as hazy vocals work alongside bouncy melodies, rumbling basslines, and punchy kicks, whilst Rich NxT's interpretation welcomes a trademark combination of squelching bass patterns and menacing low ends contrasted against resonant stabs and light, hooky vocals.

The final track "Ego Rap" ups the tempo to close as slinking percussion, infectious vox samples, and skipping hats come together to reveal a peak-time track bustling with energy and drive.

Dateless - What You've Been Told / Ego Rap
Release Date February 2021
Label VIVa MUSiC

1. What You've Been Told
2. What You've Been Told (Rich NxT Remix)
3. Ego Rap

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