1992 by Alignment

Italian techno producer Alignment returns to Regal's Involve Records with a heavy four-track release entitled 1992.

1992 by Alignment Photo by Involve Records

When not making regular appearances on voxnox Records, Alignment has been releasing on Involve Records, Etruria Beat, and Charlotte de Witte's KNTXT. His tracks have received regular support from the upper echelons of techno, including Richie Hawtin, Ben Klock, Chris Liebing, and Amelie Lens, with the latter including his collaboration with Regal in her fabric mix compilation. Debuting on Regal's label in 2018, he now makes a highly anticipated return to Involve Records.

Opening with "1992", a thundering cut with rave elements, crystalline stabs, and indistinct vocals - this release is a white knuckle ride from the word go. "1993" is next with its offbeat hats and infectious melody as kick drums pummel you into submission, followed by the murkier sounding "1994" which features industrial sounds alongside various zips and zaps. Concluding the package, "1995" is the most hypnotic inclusion courtesy of whirring synths that evolve into a screaming lead. 

Alignment - 1992
Release Date May 2020
Label Involve Records

A1. 1992
A2. 1993
B1. 1994
B2. 1995

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