419 EP by Luca Draccar

Berlin-based, Italian-born techno-wizard Luca Draccar showcases a rich and exotic sound on his brilliant new EP for Lush Point.

419 EP by Luca Draccar Photo by Lush Point

Talented composer and producer Luca Draccar is a graduate of the Bauhaus Universität Weimar and lives between Los Angeles and Berlin. He makes elaborate techno that enchants listeners with melodies that speak to the soul. His inventive rhythms are packaged in funk and psychedelia and have won him support from mainstays such as Maceo Plex, Richie Hawtin, and Carl Craig, amongst many others. The EP title here, "419" is a rough anagram of for one night, and as such the music finds the artist pay homage to a one-night stand, an intense but brief love.

Opener "Vagabondage" has a low-slung groove with elastic bass, twinkling keys up top, and plenty of hooky little details that really draw you in. It is both tender and emotive but hugely powerful, especially after the epic breakdown. 

There is a heavyweight techno stomp to "Lippen" that immediately makes you jostle your body. The hard hits, glitchy claps, and industrial motifs all make it a menacing but enticing groove that cannot fail to make a big mark. 

Last, of all, the futuristic "Dadaism" manages to be hard-hitting but funk-fuelled: the slick drums power ahead beneath cosmic pads and a heady sense of atmosphere that is colourful and thoughtful. The deft sci-fi details and pensive keys make it a most succulent sonic experience.

Luca Draccar - 419 EP
Release Date July 2021
Label Lush Point

1. Vagabondage
2. Lippen
3. Dadaism

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