A Lot by GAWP, Elijah & Grundy, ZOF

GAWP, Elijah & Grundy & ZOF all link up on North of Neptune with the track, A Lot.

A Lot by GAWP, Elijah & Grundy, ZOF Photo by North Of Neptune

GAWP is a renowned studio wizard signed to prestigious imprints like Dirtybird, Spininin, and Elrow. He has worked serval times before with Leeds-based duo Elijah & Grundy, whose productions have landed on the likes of Hot Fuss, W&O Street Tracks, and many more. The final puzzle piece for this one is ZOF, a US artist who brings distinctive darkness to the house and techno genres.

"A Lot" is an engaging track characterized by its arpeggiated synth line, deep sub-bass, and ZOF's ethereal vocals. The song has proven versatile in their sets, from poolside warm-up parties to the clubs. 

GAWP, Elijah & Grundy, ZOF - A Lot
Release Date July 2023
Label North Of Neptune

1. A Lot

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