A Tears Us EP by Zeké Africa

This three-track EP, A Tears Us, is Zeké’s second appearance on Moda Black, casting further light on this highly talented young producer.

A Tears Us EP by Zeké Africa Photo by Jack Donlon

He may be one of the newest members of the Moda Black family, but his music speaks of experience, passion and dedication to his art. A beautiful juxtaposition of antediluvian rhythms and strikingly modern synthesis, Zeké’s music is always written with purposes. Subtle ambiences ride tribal rhythms, whilst ethereal vocal effects lilt alongside woozy synth lines. Zeké creates unmistakably melancholic moods with ever-evolving arrangements that draw you in and set your mind wandering.

Zeké will be playing at Lost Village on May 28th, alongside the likes of DJ Koze, Roman Flugel, Mind Against, and many more.

Zeke Africa - A Tears Us EP
Release Date May 2016
Label Moda Black

1. Dr.Ctrl
2. Serpant Charms
3. Conjure Division

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