After the Storm by Sascha Dive

Minimood returns with a deep piece of heady minimal from esteem German producer Sascha Dive with a mesmerizing remix by celebrated Dutch producer Ion Ludwig. After The Storm is released on vinyl only.

After the Storm by Sascha Dive Photo by Minimood

'After The Storm' is ten sumptuous minutes of moody and atmospheric deep minimal house with warbling synths, meandering drums and spooky, spaced out atmospheres. The drums roll on free from any friction and the pads are delicate, elegant affairs that circle round you and leave you hanging in a wide open space. Vocals sounds like those from a spaceship’s PA and lend the whole thing a sense that you are voyaging through the galaxies. It is a truly burrowing track that gets right into your mind, body and soul.

Ion Ludwig's remix is quicker and more synthetic, with waify pads, gently breaking waves and fizzing little modular synth lines that are crisp and rhythmic and will fit perfectly into a set by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos. This is classy and subtle music that is stripped back and slow burning yet has a huge impact.

Sascha Dive - After the Storm
Release Date 25th September 2016
Label Minimood

A1. After The Storm
B1. After The Storm (Ion Ludwig Remix)

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