Amsterdam Dance Event Announces Dates For 2013

Dates for 2013 Revealed and the Latest additions and ADE Playground to be expanded among other things.

Amsterdam Dance Event Announces Dates For 2013 Photo by Rebekka Mell/Amsterdam Dance Event

The eighteenth edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will take place from October 16th-20th, 2013. ADE, the most important global conference for dance and electronic music, and the biggest international club festival in the world, is expected to grow significantly again this year, in part through a planned expansion of ADE Playground, the daytime program of unique film screenings, exhibitions and retail promotions. The organizers expect over 200,000 festival visitors and 4,000 professional conference attendees.

With performances by 1,700 national and international artists, an array of acclaimed speakers from around the world, 350 events and 75 participating venues across Amsterdam, the 2012 edition of ADE broke all previous records, reflecting both the global success of dance music, and the importance of the Dutch electronic music industry.

The ADE festival program 2012, which included an extra day, 23 new venues, and a line-up featuring virtually all of the world’s top DJs and performers, attracted the largest number of clubbers in the history of the event. The ADE conference program was also extended with a new event focussing on visuals and stage design: ADE Beamlab.

The most notable growth was however in ADE Playground. In 2012 Playground featured twenty locations spread throughout the city offering studio sessions, equipment demonstrations, film screenings, exhibitions and in-store performances by well-known DJs and artists. Most of these events were ADE exclusives and all were free to holders of the newly introduced ADE Card.

“We intend to further expand ADE Playground this year in order to build a truly great creative platform that reflects the richness and diversity of both electronic music and global dance music culture,” ADE Director Richard Zijlma said.

The Amsterdam Dance Event is organized by Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation, an initiative of Buma.

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