Another Jam EP by Nandu

Connected welcome back Copenhagen artist Nandu for a second EP on the label. One track is a solo effort and the other finds him linking with Oluhle to cook up some African influenced magic.

Another Jam EP by Nandu Photo by Jonathan Damslund

Nandu’s someone who explores the world of rhythm and melody on labels like Constant Circles, Azzur, Rebirth as well of course connected. With roots deep in jazz, rock and pop, he seeks to combine them all in an electronic setting and aims for a sound that goes beyond the dance floor. His last album "Love You Til The End" got props from the likes of Mixmag Germany and Decoded Magazine and now he continues to impress with this latest effort.

Nandu & Oluhle’s intoxicating "Umfazi Omuhle" is a mystical deep house groove with real authenticity and has a gently cautious arrangement with mesmerising vocals from Oluhle. It is laced with beautifully ethereal sounds and the Afro inclined Nandu rhythm, with shakers and claves adding to the organic and hypnotic feel.

On the flip, "Another Jam (Another Acid Dub)" shows a more aggressive, upfront side to Nandu. Designed for the intense part of the night with a twisted groove of claps and percussion, it is heavier in the bottom end. It makes for a driving, hypnotic track that will lock the whole floor into its groove.

These are two terrifically inventive tracks that cannot fail to leave their mark.

Nandu - Another Jam EP
Release Date
26th January 2018
Label Connected

1. Nandu & Oluhle - Umfazi Omuhle (Original Mix)
2. Nandu - Another Jam (Another Acid Dub)

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