Boyz! by Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle

Def Mix join forces with SoSure Music to release Boyz! from the late Frankie Knuckles, accompanied by remixes from David Morales and Farley & Heller.

Boyz! by Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle Photo by Marie Staggat

The release kicks off with the Farley & Heller Dub of ‘Boyz!’ and sees the British duo deliver a low-slung slice of house fuelled by chugging organ grooves, raw crunchy rhythms, and hooky loops of the original vocal licks.

The first time I heard this song, it truly made me smile.  I know it made Frankie smile as well - and I know he's smiling now, seeing its release.  It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this record. - Eric Kupper

The ‘Director’s Cut Master’ follows and sees Knuckles fuse electro bass hooks with direct 4/4 rhythms alongside an amalgamation of infectious vocal layers from Jamie Principle. Lastly, to round off the package, David Morales delivers a take on things under his ‘Red Zone’ guise, offering up a dark and brooding interpretation with menacing synth drones, a swelling sub-bass hook, and robust drums.

I'm humbled and honored to be part of this project and to finally let the world hear 'Boyz!'.  It's a timeless tune that's gonna cater to many fans, especially with the wide range of remixes that are released on vinyl. Long live Frankie and the talented Jamie Principle! - Hector Romero

"Boyz!" is released via Def Mix Music / SoSure Music exclusively on vinyl only on 30th November 2015, with a digital release to follow in 2016. A share of the profits on this release will be split between The Frankie Knuckles Foundation and The Frankie Knuckles Fund (Elton John Aids Foundation).

Frankie Knuckles pres. Director's Cut feat. Jamie Principle - Boyz!
Release Date 29th January 2016
Label Def Mix Music + SoSure Music

1. Boyz! (Farley & Heller Dub)
2. Boyz! (A Director’s Cut Master)
3. Boyz! (David Morales ‘Red Zone’ Remix)

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