Catalyst EP by Recoilprodukt

Recoilprodukt's Catalyst EP is a long-awaited return to the music scene, combining its deep history with a fresh, innovative sound.

Catalyst EP by Recoilprodukt Art by Recoilprodukt

Recoilprodukt, a pioneering recording studio/label that first emerged in 1984 with its defiantly iconic recordings for Psyche, F451, and Vanishing Heat, is returning with an initial release that fittingly resurrects its imprint. Titled "Catalyst," this two-track EP is the first installment of a haunting sci-fi narrative series. A deep dive into a dark world.

The EP's standout feature is an audiophile 12" DMM 45RPM VINYL SINGLE, limited to 100 copies.  Side one of the 12“ single presents recoilprodukt’s 'origin’ mix, described as "morbidly beautiful and cinematic" and stem mastered at "Man Made Mastering" in Berlin. On side two, listeners are hurled into the reimagined mix of the same track in a hard, intelligent techno meets industrial noise rework, skillfully crafted by Blush Response and stereo mastered at Dadub.

Recoilprodukt - Catalyst EP
Release Date 24th January 2024
Label Recoilprodukt

01. Recoilprodukt - Catalyst (Origin Mix)
02. Recoilprodukt - Catalyst (Blush Response Rework)
03. Recoilprodukt - Catalyst (Not.So.Heavy Rework Mix) - Digital only

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.