Everyday Mysteries Part 2 by Various Artists

Everyday Mysteries Part 2 is another EP featuring various artists who have contributed musically and emotionally to the creation of this music.

Everyday Mysteries Part 2 by Various Artists Art by Configurations of Self

"The first two tracks were largely crafted using a Buchla Music Easel, which is the only synthesizer I have ever used that leads you instead of you controlling it. Reading the history of this instrument, particularly its connections to LSD, makes so much sense when you learn about how it is configured. A big thanks to Vincenzo for his contributions to the collaboration; we were led into a darker, less melodic sound which seemed to fit the mood of a winter filled with a lot of negativity surrounding the world and society. The vocal by Werner Herzog in track 2 truly captures the mood of the time.

The third track carries the message of Kierkegaard and his theory on the man of immediacy. It was a great experience to work on this with juSt b, and her voice perfectly captures the essence of the content. The melodic element was created with the Soma Terra, which was a joy to play alongside her vocals. It's also a pleasure to welcome Tim French to the label; his views and values truly complement the series. There will be original music from Tim on future EPs, and his rendition of the original provides different depths and meanings.

The message from Kierkegaard is as follows: 
“The man of immediacy does not know himself; he quite literally identifies himself only by the clothes he wears, he identifies himself by externalities. There is hardly a more ludicrous mistake, for a self is indeed infinitely distinct from an externality. When the externals have completely changed for the person and he has despaired he goes one step further, what if he did become someone else? I wonder if he would recognise himself”.

Kierkegaard's message offers insight and thought 150 years after he wrote it.“ says Alexander Church when asked about the release.

Various Artists - Everyday Mysteries Part 2
Release Date 15 April 2024
Label Configurations Of Self

01. Alexander Church & Vincenzo - Pacific Rush
02. Alexander Church & Vincenzo - Half Finished Sentences
03. Alexander Church & juSt b - Man of Immediacy
04. Alexander Church & juSt b - Man of Immediacy (Tim French Dusky Breaks remix)

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