Coffee Run with Deadmau5 and Darude

Deadmau5 is joined by Darude aka Ville Virtanen for a little coffee run in the outskirts of Toronto, Canada in the very loud Nyanborghini Purracan.

Electronic Dance Music producer and DJ Deadmau5 has adopted a familiar format over the last few years. He calls up his friends and invites them to do a coffee run to his favorite drive-thru coffee stop. He usually did it in his Ferrari 458 Italia, but since that one has been sold, the new car is the, now legendary, Nyanborghini Purracan (Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4). The car is rigged with a few GoPro cameras to record the adventure.

This is a largely unedited, raw glimpse into the life of Deadmau5 and his friends and they basically talk about anything related to music and what is current in their life.

This episode features a Darude aka Ville Virtanen, the man behind the legendary track "Sandstorm" and the follow-up "Feel the Beat". In the Nyanborghini Purracan, they set off cruising from Deadmau5's house to the closest coffee shop to get some coffee. They talk about everything from Gadgets, cars, music, and other things that comes to mind. This is the 20th episode so the format is tried and tested, but a more interesting format for interviews than many others out there.

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