Coffee Run with Deadmau5 - Episode 8

The eighth episode of Deadmau5 and friends on a Coffee Run. This episode features Amit Duvedevani from Infected Mushroom.

Electronic Dance Music producer and DJ Deadmau5 has adopted a familiar format over the last two weeks. He calls up his friends and invites them to do a coffee run to his favorite drive-thru coffee stop. He does it all in his Ferrari 458 Italia rigged with a few GoPro cameras.

This is a largely unedited, raw glimpse into the life of Deadmau5 and his friends and they basically talk about anything related to music and what is current in their life.

This episode features Amit Duvedevani, one part of Israeli psytrance/electronica duo, Infected Mushroom, on a coffee run down to Deadmau5 place and they talk about food franchises, video games, live shows, the Toronto Mayor Tom Ford and a bunch of other nonsense. It is the eighth episode so the format is sort of tested and tried, but it's a more interesting format for interviews than many others out there.

Evlear will try and feature all the episodes that are interesting and fun, so stay tuned for more of Deadmau5 and his friends in his Ferrari 458 Italia.

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