Dreams by Pepe Mateos

Pepe Mateos hits release number five in his ongoing series of monthly releases with the fantastic Dreams.

Dreams by Pepe Mateos Photo by Pepe Mateos

Flow Musique label boss Pepe Mateos is renowned amongst the dance music cognoscenti for his warm, driving basslines. He is a prolific artist who, for over a decade, has served up essential releases that have explored many shades of house and techno. While holding residencies everywhere from Ibiza to Berlin, Shanghai to Madrid, he has clocked up music on the likes of Circus, Toolroom and Time Has Changed, but here continues with his own self-released project.

The exquisite "Dreams" is a captivating and cavernous track that rolls on big, warm drums. It has humid synths and tumbling congas with a dreamy vocal drifting in and out. The melodies are enchanting and subtle, slowly coming to the fore later on and taking your mind on a pensive inward journey.

DJs like Anthony Pappa, Stacey Pullen, and Terry Francis have played the early tunes in this series, and this new one is another fine addition.

Pepe Mateos - Dreams
Release Date May/June 2021
Label Self Released (Pepe Mateos)

01. Pepe Mateos - Dreams

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