Echo Cave EP by Mutism

Faceless Recordings kicks off 2015 with the debut release from Mutism feat Giorgia Angiuli's Echo Cave, backed with remixes from Crosstown Rebels artists Raw District as well as Throb Circle.

Echo Cave EP by Mutism Photo by Faceless Recordings

Mutism is the new collaborative guise from Belgium's Vernon Bara, formerly of Ultrasone (Visionquest, Supplement Facts and Hot Creations), and Ishem Rahali. Here, the duo drop their first material while enlisting Harry Klein’s Giorgia Angiuli on vocal duties.

The original mix of ‘Echo Cave’ see's the pair debut with a hypnotic eleven-minute, gently unfolding composition led by vacillating, murky atmospheres and low-slung rhythms while Angiuli’s mesmeric vocal murmurs add a further psychedelic feel.

The rework of “Echo Cave’ from Raw District (another project from Vernon, this time joined by Massimo DaCosta) who recently unleashed the critically acclaimed ‘Ragged’ Star EP on Crosstown Rebels. The pair reshape the original cut with a more dance floor-focused feel, laying the focus on a penetrative tom-driven bass hook and looped vocal edits while the crunchy rhythms subtly evolve throughout.

Last up to complete the package is Throb Circle’s remix of ‘Echo Cave’, taking things in a more mood-driven direction with swirling dub echoes, growling square wave bass licks, and rumbling sub-bass tones to round off the release.

Mutism feat. Giorgia Angiuli - Echo Cave EP
Release date 4th February 2015
Label Faceless Recordings

1. Echo Cave (Original Mix)
2. Echo Cave (Raw District Remix)
3. Echo Cave (Throb Circle Remix)

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