Elternhouse light up The Club

German duo Elternhouse debuts on Repopulate Mars with the single, The Club.

Elternhouse light up The Club Photo by Repopulate Mars

Lee Foss’s Repopulate Mars continues to fire out essential club weapons with Elternhouse next up. This German duo consists of brothers Marius and Mika, who have worked together since 2015. Their distinctive take on underground sounds is a mix of happy yet rowdy tech house. They run their own We Are Freaks Records and have topped Beatport charts with tunes on Rawsome Recordings, garnering support from big names like Claude von Stroke and Carlo Lio.

Here, they serve up "The Club," a perfectly weaponized track with tense bass lines overlaid with a crispy mix of snares and drums. The vocal is steamy and erotic, riding the beats and trippy melodies in style. Add some killer FX and smart breakdowns, and you have pure dance floor fire.

Elternhouse - The Club
Release Date September 2023
Label Repopulate Mars

1. The Club

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