Envision Festival 2017

Dedicated to awakening human potential and our fundamental connection with nature, the Envision Festival 2017 in Uvita, Costa Rica offers something unique.

Envision Festival 2017. Photo by Eric Allen Photo by Eric Allen

As a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential, Envision provides a platform for different cultures to co-exist in a sustainable community, and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability, and our fundamental connection with nature.

It is with much excitement that we welcome you back to our fourth year at our home on Rancho La Merced in Uvita. Literally where the rainforest connects with the pristine tropical beach. Rancho La Merced is everything that we could ask for. A short 2-minute walk to a wondrous surf beach of Playa Hermosa. The tide charts are in our favor and the beach will be open at Sunset this year.

“I believe that by gathering in the community out in nature, we create a rare opportunity for individuals to observe their value systems and inherent human motivations from a new or alternative perspective that is free of social conditioning. At a successful event, participants capture this moment and create from it a forever lasting positive impression." - Matt Siegel, co-founder of Envision.

Envision takes place in the ‘Southern Zone’ of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. A truly magical place where the rainforested mountains meet the warm pacific ocean. The zone exemplifies exotic paradise - boasting a wealth of adventure and exploration amidst the verdant jungle and warm ocean waters. As the most biodiverse place on Earth, it literally buzzes with life.  The people here are gracious and friendly, making it easy to get around, find what you need, and experience the local culture. Pura Vida!

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