Erosion by Birds

London-based artist Birds steps up to the always creatively provocative Freeride Millenium with a new four-track EP, Erosion.

Erosion by Birds Photo by Katie Wilkinson

Birds are none other than Katie Wilkinson and she has her own popular radio show on Netil called Feed The Void which showcases her widescreen tastes. Her productions are just as broad as they mix up techno, 90s acid, electro, and gothy 80's EBM and New Wave. They have so far come out on the likes of Hoga Nord, Ombra International, and NEIN while she also contributed to this label's vital IMPACT compilation.

She opens up this superb EP with "The Chimes Of Solitude", which is five minutes of brooding electronics, slow dub rhythms, and shimmering synths that awaken late-night spirits. "The Island" is another mysterious and occult affair with dark bass and jittery drums. Heavily filtered vocals echo through them with twitchy acid flashes and mystic synth leads that serve to slowly hypnotise. The brilliant "Dance Of The Cobra" layers up more stark analog drums and gothic bass sounds with eerie synths that ring out into the darkness.

More spooky spoken words and caustic acid lines add further intrigue while "Fragments (A Song For The Dead)" closes with a slow but heavy techno kick drum, textural chords, and jerking acid-laced rhythms that demand you march along in submission.

Birds - Erosion
Release Date 11th August 2022
Label Freeride Millenium

01. The Chimes Of Solitude
02. The Island
03. Dance Of The Cobra
04. Fragments (A Song For The Dead)

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