First Conference Topics For ADE Pro Revealed!

The first conference topics for ADE Pro at the 18th edition of ADE include Meet the South Africans!, How to Run a 21st Century Label, Gamechangers 2 and Strategy Pack, a new conference series featuring leading thinkers and strategists.

First Conference Topics For ADE Pro Revealed! Photo by Aico Lind/Amsterdam Dance Event

ADE 2013 will be examining the rapidly growing South African electronic scene in the open-mic, B2B speed-dating format introduced last year for Meet the Australians! Leading representatives from South Africa’s scene, including DJs, agents, management, labels, festival organizers, and venue bookers will be available on either a one-to-one or group basis to share their knowledge of the territory in an informal but focused atmosphere.

How to Run a 21st Century Label features Peter Quicke of Ninja Tune and K7 Records’ Horst Wiedenmuller examining how and why some labels manage to be successful and profitable against a backdrop of uncertainty and rapidly changing ground rules.

The second edition of Gamechangers features leading figures who make a difference to the industry by doing things their own way, and Strategy Pack offers a multi-facetted series of presentations by leading figures from the entertainment, media, tech, and advertising industries where each speaker gets the chance to lay out their vision of the future of entertainment and the media, followed by a Q&A with the audience.

The eighteenth edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will take place from October 16 - 20, 2013. ADE, the most important global conference for dance and electronic music and the biggest international club festival in the world, is expected to grow significantly again this year, in part through a planned expansion of ADE Playground, the daytime program of unique film screenings, exhibitions, and retail promotions. The organizers expect over 200,000 festival visitors and 4,000 professional conference attendees. More information available at

The Amsterdam Dance Event is organized by the Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation, an initiative of Buma.

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