Good Times / Roll EP by Rampa

We don't know what good old Louis Jordan would've thought of a producer like Rampa translating his Let the good times roll credo into an underground house track.

Good Times / Roll EP by Rampa Photo by Keinemusik

Although, after hearing the upcoming KM026 ‘Good times/ Roll’ we think he might have have forked out some sax samples for Rampa’s next cut.

“Good Times feat. Aquarius Heaven” on A evokes an upbeat mood with an eclectic collection of percussion instruments that has almost become a trademark of the rhythm-fond originator. The Synth hook then adjusts the tracks potential pushing it right into the middle of the floor before stretching it out again into a trippy organ-jam. All remaining restraint is then blown away when Aquarius starts his deep nasal chant. “There’s a moment in the night, when everything is right.” And yes, he’s talking about the moment this tune is spinning.

“Roll” on the flipside envelopes us with feisty snare-snaps, a full-bodied kick and whispered hihats. A more subtle realization of Rampa’s percussive fetish, a mixture of warm synths and an escalating bassline steadily turn up the heat. A warm-up-weapon full of dynamics and a seamless follow up to “Good Times” – the combo of this two-track-ensemble brings out the best of both the tension building and peaking moments of the night.

Rampa - Good Times / Roll EP
Release date 27th February 2015
Label Keinemusik

A: Rampa - Good times feat. Aquarius Heaven
B: Rampa - Roll

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