Groovepressure 15 by Resonators

For its third release since returning, the cult label once again looks to its back catalog and reissues the first-ever release by Resonators aka boss Robin Ball, who has remastered them and serves up two new mixes.

Groovepressure 15 by Resonators Photo by Karren Clifford

Robin Ball has been involved in the dance scene since the age of 14 when he first started his own parties. Since then he has emerged as a singular voice with a discography that takes in essential cuts all the way back to the mid-nineties most often on Groovepressure. Back in April he impressed with a spilt EP with Stopouts and does so again here now with this latest outing.

Made in 1999 in a very small studio in Robin's house, Robin remembers "getting [these tracks] pressed and taking them to the shops I loved in London to see if they would sell them and getting a really good reaction from the shop staff.”

Since then they have become some of the most sought after releases on the label. Opening up this essential release is Robin’s electro mix of ‘Shuzzbuzz’, which is sci-fi and slick, with polished metal surfaces and snapping snares all underpinned by pining bass. It’s a fluid and booty shaking groove with female vocals and spooky melodies all adding to the atmosphere. In excellent original form the track is darker and less direct, with searching synths and alien sounds all making for an unsettling bit of intergalactic electro.

Next comes a vital house mix that retains all the cosmic energy and widescreen feel of the track but layers in thudding house kicks to drive it along. The result is deep and moody and it makes for a brilliantly varied version of this most compelling cut. Last but not least, ‘Booma' is a spacious and spacey house track with raw drums and prickly percussion powering it along. Jacking and with real electronic soul, it is a crisp track that sounds as timeless and essential now as it ever did.
Once again here Groovepressure has come up with the goods and reminds us just why this label and it's artists were always so essential.

Resonators - Groovepressure 15
Release Date 16th January 2017
Label Groovepressure

1. Shuzzbuzz (Robin Ball Electro Mix)
2. Shuzzbuzz
3. Shuzzbuzz (Robin Ball House Mix)
4. Booma

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