Gottwax present: Nottwax - A Gottwood Compilation

After a 4-year break, Gottwax, the record label arm of the world-renowned Gottwood Festival, returns with an epic 30-track compilation album featuring some of the most respected names in electronic music.

Gottwax present: Nottwax - A Gottwood Compilation Art by Gottwax Records

Gottwood festival has been a key fixture on the UK festival scene for a full decade now and with this year's gathering put on ice, the team behind the revered Welsh woodland gathering has decided to reanimate their Gottwax record label. To kickstart their relaunch the label presents a gigantic triple-sized compilation featuring a plethora of artists with a connection to the festival, ranging from its oldest allies to its newest friends, and representing a spread of talent from global superstars, underground sensations, musical journeymen, and fledgling talent.

The 30 track compilation, compiled by the festival owners alongside their new label manager Geoff Kirkwood (aka Me Me Me records boss Man Power) includes such household names as Roman Flügel, DJ Tennis (in collaboration with Joseph Ashworth), Margaret Dygas, Voigtmann & John Dimas (aka VOIGT.MAS), Ruf Dug, Ron Basejam, Appleblim, and Maxxi Soundsystem, nestled alongside the best and brightest in emerging talent, such as Sweely, Anna Wall & Corbi, Bobby, Adam Curtain, and Harry Wills.

The result is a musical journey that evokes the scope of the Gottwood festival itself, and which takes the listener through Balearica, Experimental Music, Disco, Funk, Garage, Bass Music, minimal sounds, and many of the varied forms of House and Techno.

Released digitally in July via Beatport, Bandcamp, and Spotify, the compilation will be the first entry in a regular schedule of releases, with a series of artist EPs set to follow which throw further light on the artists close to Gottwood's heart.

Gottwax present: Nottwax - A Gottwood Compilation
Release Date July 2020
Label Gottwax Records


  1. Secret Universe - Mirror Deal
  2. Ron Basejam - Carl Calling Up To Tell You You're Late For The Party
  3. Dedication (Felix Dickinson, Botchi Takahashi, Tsuyoshi Kosuga, Mikey Yamada)- Out of The Woods
  4. Kenny on Acid - Lazer Beams
  5. Ruf Dug - Theme from Ruffy's Lab
  6. Ess o Ess feat George Hume - Simply Nothing
  7. Cedric Maison - Quarks
  8. Jive Talk - Eyes
  9. Harry Wills - Glistening
  10. Sam Bangura - Fun Dome
  11. Anna Wall & Corbi - Pipe Dreams
  12. Bobby. - The Blind Beggar
  13. Thoma Bulwer - Wick Woods
  14. Christophe Bristol - City Girl
  15. Maxxi Soundsystem - Lost In Trigon
  16. Man Power - Hey Pinky
  17. Tom Demac - Hanging Over
  18. Robert James - Biscuit of Love
  19. Phil Sinclair - Funk Droid
  20. Sweely - I Was Looking For You
  21. Dj Tennis and Joseph Ashworth - Cariad
  22. Roman Flügel - Tequila
  23. Voigt.Mas - Cloud Synergy
  24. Margaret Dygas - Supermarket Sneeze
  25. Em + Stav - Driver
  26. Appleblim - Hot Take
  27. Krywald & Farrer - Han So Low
  28. Adam Curtain - Confuse, Distort, Destroy
  29. N-Gynn - ElecJam
  30. RN&C - Lovin You
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