Grand Central EP by Voltaic

Hawaii-based duo Voltaic drop their debut EP Grand Central on Asylum Confidential. A sultry affair built on warm melodies and an undulating groove.

Grand Central EP by Voltaic Photo by Asylum Confidential

Spawned from the venue Asylum Afterhours in 2013, Confidential now enters its 9th release from two of the club's monthly residents Loic Tambay and Jimmy Lee, who collaborate under their Voltaic guise. The pair has been delivering dynamic back-to-back sets over the last few years at their residencies at Afterhours as well as Honolulu's eleven44 - and with their imposing debut release on Asylum Confidential their studio partnership is an auspicious project to boot.

Grand Central is a sultry affair built on warm melodies and an undulating groove before Trade takes the tone darker with an ominous vibe that weaves together spacey synths, a menacing sub-bass and delayed percussion samples. Tying up the release is Basel, a straightforward pumper produced with the peak time in mind as it utilises a surging tension and prominent kicks before reaching a tantalising conclusion.

Voltaic - Grand Central EP
Release date 28th April 2015
Label Asylum Confidential

1. Grand Central
2. Trade
3. Basel

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