Higher Purpose EP by Taube

Taube returns to Boysnoize Records with the Higher Purpose EP which is more heavy, unrestrained, and hedonistic techno.

Higher Purpose EP by Taube Photo by Souad Hervé

Keeping fun at the forefront of his productions, Taube fuels his tracks with personal touches and character. "Higher Purpose" serves as the perfect introduction to the raw madness that follows, opening the EP with dissonant melodies juxtaposed by ardent chants. "Teal Strobe" then rattles the club while bright lights flash before your eyes, bleeps dominating a throbbing rhythm occasionally interrupted by a sudden, chasmal breakdown.

Four to-the-floor drums and a classic techno stab provide stability while unpredictable signals ring high in "Counting Trees" before "Alhorn" closes the installment in true Taube fashion. Kicks stomp and rumble, cables break, and modular synths speed along while a peculiar voice preaches about death. Yet despite their message, exhilaration is the only possible destination in this track.

Through his productions, Taube has gained recognition roaming the realms of Techno, Happy Hardcore, Rave, and Glitch, his sound design marked by complexity and distinct personality. After recently signing with Boysnoize Records, the Berlin artist now follows up his "Where To Go EP" on the label with more high volumes of passion and energy.

Taube - Higher Purpose EP
Release Date October 2022
Label Boysnoize Records

01. Higher Purpose
02. Teal Strobe
03. Counting Trees
04. Alhorn

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.