Hornchurch Hustlers EP by Mark Williams

UK techno innovator Mark Williams drops his second Hardgroove release of 2023, Hornchurch Hustlers EP.

Hornchurch Hustlers EP by Mark Williams Photo by Mark Williams/Hardgroove

After an eight-year hiatus, Mark Williams returned in July with "Bring You Love" on Ben Sims' imprint, seeing a flurry of club support from Surgeon, DJ Bone, Alienta, Rodhad, Tasha, and many more. The Hardgroove proponent is back with the "Hornchurch Hustlers EP" to close out the year.

Kicking things off, "Next 21s" is a sledgehammer of a track. Raucous percussion, piercing stabs, and a raging vox sample are combined with zealous abandon, making for an unbridled, passionate piece of peak-time techno. The dense percussion and a liquid D&B influence leaking through "Sometimes" follows before the rave-mania of "The Groove Has Begun" takes the energy up even further. Closing out with the brilliantly jazz-inflected broken techno of "East Side Dub" and the imposing but largely beatless modern soul of "East Side - Part 2," this is Mark Williams at his most inventive.

Mark Williams - Hornchurch Hustlers EP
Release Date 15th December 2023
Label Hardgroove

01. Next 21s
02. Sometimes
03. The Groove Has Begun
04. East Side Dub
05. East Side - Part 2

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