How To by Mïus

Mïus returns to his Théque Records label with another stunning 10-track album, How To, in collaboration with Raf Skowroński.

How To by Mïus Photo by Bence Szemerey

Hungarian Gergely Álmos has proved himself a master of mature musical themes across previous albums, including releases for Sonar Kollektiv and his "Twenty-two 22" LP in 2018 and "Études de Battement" in 2020 on his Theque label. He has received support from BBC Radio 6 Music and played audio-visual festivals across London, Berlin, Prague, and Rome. The new album is a collaboration with Polish singer Raf Skowroński, made over a year, where they invited musicians to join recordings in Katowice, Budapest, and Szeged.

Says Gergely, "This album is more focused on simpler beats and not over-thought. We just played the music for the way we dance. It is 90% made from pure analog synths and has been supported by NKA and Waclaw Felczak Foundation."

The LP opens with "Panorama", a superbly cinematic track with a gentle groove and uplifting chords. 'Words' is a playful cut with wandering bass, unusual melodic leads, and rubbery kick drums that lift the spirits and bring a smile. The first single, "Follow", is six broody minutes of sweeping electronica that lifts you off your feet before "Dog Days" explores a darker world, with haunting chords and tense sustained pads that build to a glitchy minimal groove.

There is more great electronic elegance and excellent synth craft on the soaring 'Detuned', and layer upon layer of melody and warm rhythmic pulses on "Higher". The majestic tune is finished off with a delicate, breathy male vocal and pensive piano chords. "Moving On" is an epic symphony of sound with crashing drums, spraying synths, and a dramatic crescendo that leaves you breathless. This most absorbing and ambitious record takes a quiet turn with the soothing harmonies of "Nil", rebuilds with the emotionally charged vocals and elastic drums of "Used To" and closes out with the soothing arps and leggy grooves of appropriately named closer "Lullaby".

Mïus - How To
Release Date October 2021
Label Théque Records 

1. Panorama
2. Words
3. Follow (feat. Raf Skowroński)
4. Dog Days
5. Detuned
6. Higher (feat. Raf Skowroński)
7. Moving On (feat. Raf Skowroński)
8. Nil
9. Used To (feat. Raf Skowroński)
10. Lullaby

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