I Am The Future EP by Vooz Brothers

Vooz Brothers come together for a superb new Afro House EP on Connected. I Am The Future EP is an innovative offering from the Vooz Brothers.

I Am The Future EP by Vooz Brothers Photo by Gilad Mashiah 0987

The Vooz Brothers duo is made up of Danny Tuval, an international DJ and producer, and Ziv "Zigo" Goland, who is best known for his classic club anthem "More & More" with Spoiled in 1999. Both of them were born and raised in Tel Aviv and have been released on the likes of MoBlack, Go Deeva, and King Street. The fast-rising new outfit delivers some superb grooves here for the Stereo Mc's connected label.

The opener "I am The Future" has a slick Afro-house vibe with old-school rave feelings. The rich chords bring some classy spiritualism and futuristic vocals make for a unique combination on a unique track. The next cut "Nirvana" is a more atmospheric and organic sound. Afro vibes permeate the drums once more with driving percussion, emotional vocals and pads, and a curious melodic sound after the break leading you to the next level.

Vooz Brothers - I Am The Future EP
Release Date March 2022
Label connected

1. I Am The Future
2. Nirvana

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